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ex UT2k4 IG Team Members

{iDA}Vicious retired co-captain and flag humper, UT99 member of {iDA} also ONS player
{iDA}HogsWild   captain, admin, UT99 member of {iDA}
{iDA}Rookie sexy captain, great all around player
{iDA}3DayHangover   captain, UT99 member, known as {iDA}Romeo also a member of ONS team
{iDA}Breeze breeze, UT99 ex member of WTF
{iDA}YA old school fragger, ex member of WTF
{iDA}BattleScar universal soldier
{iDA}Reflex kid with developed reflexes
{iDA}Menace captain who led clan through dark ages
{iDA}Wicked old skewl, UT99 ex member of IQ
{iDA}HyperTiger kitty
{iDA}Timmy defender
{iDA}Fuzz our secret weapon, ex member of many clans :P
{iDA}dope defender who was always high
{iDA}Lethal striker
{iDA}DeadlyAssassin restless assassin
{iDA}FinalAttack restless attacker
{iDA}8-Bit 8-Bit killing machine
{iDA}SteveO IG played ONS style, the guy who played it all...
{iDA}Odibil striker
{iDA}s!n7 striker
{iDA}EverClear soldier
{iDA}Zomg soldier

ex UT2k4 ONS Team Members

{iDA}cowboytek74 co-captain
{iDA}CrowFly soldier
{iDA}Architeuthis soldier
{iDA}Sergeant Zim soldier
{iDA}GenoPsydE soldier
{iDA}fightingmink ONS junkie, UT99 ex member of DOD and DIE

ex UT99 members (last active lineup)

{iDA}AtryTone striker
{iDA}HDs striker
Suic{iDA}l defender AKA Shemp
death.incarnate.iDA co-captain, striker, first web master :)
temudjinni.iDA co-captain, defender, one of founders of ONS team
{iDA}MasterOfReality universal solider, admin
{iDA}LazyBoy defender
{iDA}Jolt striker
{iDA}Killer defender, he was also helping us in 2k4

Speical thanks to our founders: {iDA}BossyGirl, {iDA}Term2, {iDA}Rampage!

P.S. Please don't be offended if I've missed somebody. I might miss somebody intentionally or unintentionally. We had members who were with us for a short time, who did not commit to the clan or just helped us alot never being a formatl member. Our history page tells more about our UT99 members, founders and original lineup

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